Granbyware on a range of trial pieces.

Granby Workshop is an architectural ceramics & design manufacturer based in Liverpool. Working with a core team to produce high quality ceramics for projects and interiors worldwide. 🌍

Our focus is on materials and investigating new applications while pushing the limits of traditional manufacturing with a designer lead approach. Our main ranges are produced in house and we often collaborate with other companies and manufacturers to expand our reach and work closely to refine ideas and explore the possibilities of ceramics. 

Our unique ceramics make distinctive and playful additions to buildings & interiors. We are resourceful and inventive, developing new ways of producing and pioneering the use of recycled materials in ceramics.

Based at Aspen Yard in Liverpool 8, the workshop has been operational since 2015, becoming a Community Interest Company in 2019 and soon after moved from its original location on Granby Street. The move allowed the workshop to expand its production capacity, create new positions and set up studio spaces for other small businesses and creatives in the city. 

For more information on Aspen Yard please visit the website.