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Granby Workshop is a manufacturer of architectural ceramics, based in Liverpool.

Our products are designed through extensive material investigations. We combine craft techniques with an experimental sensibility to develop new architectural materials and finishes.

We believe in the creative potential of manufacturing and use techniques that introduce chance and randomness to the production line so that no two products are ever the same. Our unique ceramics make distinctive and playful additions to buildings & interiors.


The Workshop was set up by Assemble as part of the community-led efforts to rebuild Granby, a Liverpool neighbourhood that was nearly made derelict by decades of poorly-planned regeneration initiatives.

A resourceful, creative group of residents started to bring the neighbourhood back to life by clearing, planting, painting, and campaigning. And in 2011 they entered into an innovative form of community land ownership to secure 10 empty houses, and renovate them as affordable homes.

The workshop’s first range of products were designed for the houses being renovated, and included bathroom tiles, door handles and fireplaces – new architectural features made in Granby and reflecting the care, value and creativity invested in these homes.

With these first designs, the Workshop developed a distinctive model of designer- led manufacturing – operating at a scale that allows for high quality products to be made, whilst retaining variety in their design, so that each product is different.

The Workshop has since grown considerably, a process accelerated by being awarded the Turner Prize in 2015, and now undertakes a range of commissions, supplying its distinctive architectural ceramics worldwide. These have been widely exhibited, and are held in the permanent collections of the V&A and the Crafts Council.

The business remains strongly community orientated – operating from its premises on Granby St, participating in the monthly community market, and continuing to contribute to ongoing local renovations.

The Team

Lewis Jones

Lewis takes a lead on our architectural projects & commissions. He is a co-founder of the design collective Assemble and moved to Liverpool 3 years ago to help start the workshop. He enjoys testing new materials and developing alternative approaches to construction.


Sumuyya Khader

Sumuyya is the operations manager at the workshop. She is a visual artist predominately working in print and collage and makes our cut out tile range. Author of our monthly newsletter and social media poster, Sumuyya is a master plate spinner. Alongside her work at the workshop she is in the process of setting up Granby Press, a community-based arts organization with a focus on print material and design.


Lanty Ball

Lanty leads the workshop’s main production processes, using the ram press to make tiles and tableware and solve our production challenges. He studied a BA Contemporary Crafts then an MA Ceramics at UCLan before joining the team. Outside of workshop hours he makes beautifully hand carved and incised porcelain and black stoneware bowls and vases.

Takiyah Daly

Takiyah splits her time between making products and contributing to the workshop’s operations & marketing. A filmmaker by craft, she makes the beautiful films that show how we make our wares. Alongside her workshop role, Takiyah has a burgeoning import/export business bringing sought after Japanese banana bread to the UK.

Jacob Chan

Jacob is a potter working within the production team to make some of our most popular tiles & tableware. He is currently building a backyard soda kiln for experimental firings. Outside of his workshop role he produces wheelthrown vases decorated with figurative forms and fused with sand, slate & broken pottery.

Megan Cox

Megan is a self-taught potter with a background in throwing functional earthenware with varied glazes and making bagels. At the workshop she combines her interest in the relationship between wellbeing and environment with her passion for experimental ceramics.


Assemble designed many of our first range of products and have an ongoing role in helping grow the workshop.

Granby Four Streets CLT
Many of our products have originated from projects delivered by the CLT here in Granby.

Anfield Marble
We work with Anfield Marble to produce our Granby Rock for countertops and slabs.

Anna Johnston
Master carpenter and ceramicist, Anna worked with us before heading to Mexico.

Ines Suarez de Puga
Ines worked with us developing and delivering our Splatware plates and encaustic tiles.

Jade Crompton
Our first workshop technician, Jade helped refine many of the processes for our first range of products.

Will Shannon
Will was involved in developing many of our first range of products, most significantly inventing Granby Rock. We also worked together for our commission at A/D/O.

Niamh Riordan
We collaborated with Niamh on our first catalogue, our commission at A/D/O and ‘Rules of Production’ in Tokyo.

Lydia Hardwick
Lydia designed the pressed terracotta lampshade we produce.

Mollie Anna King
We collaborated with Mollie in New York for our commission at A/D/O.

Becky Christian
We work with Becky for workshops and education projects. She has also made products from our smoked ceramics range and helped us deliver our first collection.

Paula Frew
We’ve worked with Paula on a number of projects and commissions, most recently producing our encaustic tiles for the Venice Architecture Biennale.

Tazayian Sayira
Sara has worked with us to produce many of our encaustic tiles.

Jacqueline Kerr
Jackie produced our first range of woodblock printed fabric.

Sufea Mohamad Noor
Sufea also produced our first range of woodblock printed fabric

Salma Noor
Salma made thousands of cut out tiles, Granby Rock trivets & lamp bases

Vicky Opomu
Vicky made our marbled lampshades.

Evelyn Broderick
Evelyn made the first batch of turned and burned timber furniture.

Paddy Brown
Paddy cast our Granby Rock fireplaces and helped fitout the workshop.

Mohammed Saad
Mo helped build some of our furniture, make tiles and fitout the workshop.

Sagar Sharma
Sagar also helped build some of our furniture, make tiles and fitout the workshop.


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