Drawing by Marie Jacoty
Drawing by Marie Jacoty

Granby Workshop was set up by Assemble and the Granby 4 Streets CLT in 2015 as part of the community-led efforts to rebuild Granby, a Liverpool neighbourhood that was nearly made derelict by decades of poorly-planned regeneration initiatives.

A resourceful, creative group of residents started to bring the neighbourhood back to life by clearing, planting, painting, and campaigning. And in 2011 they entered into an innovative form of community land ownership to secure 10 empty houses, and renovate them as affordable homes.

The workshop’s first range of products were designed for the houses being renovated, and included bathroom tiles, door handles and fireplaces – new architectural features made in Granby and reflecting the care, value and creativity invested in these homes.

Products from the first Granby Workshop catalogue, 2015, including cut-out tiles and smoked ceramics.

With these first designs, the Workshop developed a distinctive model of designer- led manufacturing – operating at a scale that allows for high quality products to be made, whilst retaining variety in their design, so that each product is different.

The Workshop has since grown considerably, a process accelerated by being awarded the Turner Prize in 2015, and now undertakes a range of commissions, supplying its distinctive architectural ceramics worldwide. These have been widely exhibited, and are held in the permanent collections of the V&A and the Crafts Council.

The workshop relocated to Aspen Yard in 2020 and has slowly been expanding its production capacity over the last few years but remains strongly community orientated.