Takiyah Daly
Takiyah is one of our co-executive directors at the workshop. They are responsible for sales and sorting out our spreadsheets. Working mostly remotely, their Kryptonite is ordering takeaways for lunch when onsite. 

Jamel Burke
Jamel is the Pressing Lead at the workshop. He likes to unwind after a long day with a cold soft drink and 80’s yacht rock.

Scott McDonald
Scott is the production manager at the workshop. Outside of this role he is an sculptor, with a background in metal, wood, ceramics and ice. His responsibility in the workshop is to work closely with R&D and sales, to batch produce our bespoke ceramic products with our production team.

Sumuyya Khader
Sumuyya is one of our co-executive directors at the workshop with a focus on marketing. She is also a visual artist with a studio and print shop at Aspen Yard that also houses Granby Press, a small independent printing press.


Mike Doherty
Is our dispatched person, checking stock and packing orders. He also assists in production helping to make our core range of products.

Imogen Woolley
Splits her time between looking after the site and helping with admin. She’s also helped to press and sponge thousands of soap dishes. Imogen also runs Liverpool Tool Library, a resource and library of DIY tools accessible to those in the city. 

Wayne Freeman 
A trained ceramicist, Wayne works in our production team helping to finish and refine all our products before they go out the door.

Luke George 
Joined as part of our freelancers and has swiftly become a pugger and presser. He is also a painter.