Cut Out Tiles

Glazed ceramic tiles decorated with an infinite variety of colourful collages. Every tile is a different, one-off composition by a member of the team.

When used across large areas and mixed with plain tiles, they create playful and distinctive surface patterns that never repeat.

We offer Cut Out Tiles in four ratios: 25%, 33%, 50% and 75% coverage. You can use the tile generator on each product page to visualise what each option might look like in your space.

We recommend that Cut Out Tiles be laid to a 150mm grid using a 2.5mm grout line. A colour-matched grout such as arctic white works well with the white gloss tiles.

For all non-custom orders, the lead time is 4 weeks.

Our standard Cut Out Tiles are only suitable for internal wall use. If required, we can produce an external wall tile by using a vitrified porcelain base tile.

Overlapping Tiles
We can create patterns that spill across multiple tiles on request. This requires tiles to be laid as a group and created in batches.

Bespoke Decals
Bespoke decals can be created for custom colours, logos and artwork. For this process, we would need to receive a high-resolution pdf to transform into ceramic decals. We would then run a test firing to check for any colour differences between the digital artwork and fired tile.

Alternative Tile Sizes
We can produce our Cut Out Tiles in 200x100mm and 200x200mm sizes. We are also able to offer a series of bullnose edge finishes. These options can be requested by contacting us directly.

Overlapping Multicolour Tiles
Dark Green Curve Tiles used by Fieldwork Architects
Papersmiths Custom Multicolour Tiles used by Studio B
Blue Block Tiles – Spitfire AUdio.
Bespoke Grey Marbled Tiles Used by Assemble in Granby Winter Garden.