Encaustic Tiles

Our Encaustic Tiles are a reinvention of the traditional coloured ceramic floor tile. Made from an unglazed, vitrified clay, the colours and patterns are formed as part of the clay body itself meaning that they will never fade. 

Encaustic Tiles were originally popularised by the Victorians who valued their durability and vibrance, using them to pave the floors of many of that era’s grandest buildings. 

We applied our unique, experimental approach to manufacturing to reimagine this historic process. Blocks of clay are marble together by hand before being flattened in a 60 tonne hydraulic press.

The handmade nature of the process means that no two tiles are ever the same.

We designed our first Encaustic Tiles to adorn the Chini building floor as part of the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale. They later moved to their permanent home in the garden of the VAC building. 


Since then, we have continued to refine this range and improved our production process. We have amended our approach to blockmaking to remove the creation of scrap clay; redeveloped our white clay body to be >70% recycled while still maintaining the stunning colour vibrancy that our Encaustic Tiles are known for.

Each batch of tiles is stained with pigment and mixed in an extruder. Once pugged to remove any air, blocks are hand marbled together to form the foundation of Encaustic Tiles. They are then sliced into smaller blocks before being flattened in a 60 tonne hydraulic press. The handmade nature of the process means that no two tiles are the same.

Our Encaustic  Tiles are made with a vitreous clay body containing <70% unavoidable ceramic industry waste; grog, a pre-fired ceramic component for anti-slip details, and a range of colour pigments selected for each colourway.

Encaustic Tiles are hard-wearing, durable surfaces that are suitable for floors and walls in both interior and exterior locations.

They have low porosity and have an official +<36 low slip rating making them a versatile finish for wet and dry environments.

We enjoy developing bespoke tiles to bring to life the ideas of our clients. We can customise our Encaustic Tiles by colour, pattern and create custom moulds for bespoke tile sizes and shapes.

The standard production lead time for Encaustic Tiles is 4-6 weeks from payment and confirmation.

We do offer trade prices for Encaustic Tiles – please contact for further details.

Each block is hand marbled before being pressed into a tile shape. This makes every tile unique and pattern variation should be expected across every piece.

Grout: We recommend laying Encaustic Tiles to a 150 mm grid using a neutral or colour-matched ARDEX Flexible FL grout.

Cleaning: Before installation, tiles should be cleaned using Filadeterak to remove any building site debris from the tile surface.

Sealant: While Encaustic tiles are fully vitrified and don’t require sealant for waterproofing, we do recommend using a penetrative sealant like Filastone Plus for ease of cleaning and stain protection.

Please see our cleaning and care instruction sheet for more details.

Please allow +/- <2mm for manufacturing tolerances

Bespoke Pink and Red ceramic floor tiles installed in Superico Bar & Lounge, Edinburgh.
Bespoke Floor Tiles – Superico Bar & Lounge, edinburgh.
Bepsoke Sienna and Red Encaustic Floor tiles installed externally in the salt marsh lagoon at the VAC gardens, Venice.
Bespoke Sienna and Red Encaustic Tiles – Laguna Viva, Venice.
Blue Encaustic ceramic tiles installed  for floor to ceiling bathroom wall and the side of bath.
Apartments SG, Vienna. ( MO | Olivia Schrattenecker)
Charcoal ceramic floor tiles installed in a restaurant hallway
Bingham Riverhouse, Richmond.