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Granby Rock

Granby Rock is a unique terrazzo-like material composed of recycled building rubble.


The material was first developed by Assemble & Will Shannon in 2015 as a part of the refurbishment of 10 derelict houses in Granby. A workshop was set up in the backyard of a house and broken bricks, roofing slates and other found materials were collected from skips and cast into moulds to form mantelpieces for the houses being refurbished. Waste products were transformed into the decorative centrepiece of each home.


Working with Anfield Marble, the process has now been refined and developed to include a versatile range of slabs and tiles that offer a wide range of possibilities for distinctive architectural surfaces. Now, alongside their marbles and granites, they produce and stock Granby Rock, with the facilities to prepare and work the material to bespoke sizes and specifications.


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