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Granby Workshop launched their new Encaustic Tiles and limited edition serving bowls at the 2018 London Design Festival in collaboration with Pentagon Tiles.

Granby Workshop’s Encaustic Tiles are a reinvention of the traditional, coloured ceramic floor tile. Made from marbled, vitrified clay, the colours and patterns are formed from the clay body itself, meaning they will not fade. Encaustic tiles were originally popularized by the Victorians, who valued their durability and vibrance, using them to pave the floors of many of that era’s grandest buildings.

The tiles were first unveiled as part of The Factory Floor at the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale.

The development of the process grew out of research into historic encaustic tile clay recipes and the invention of a modern equivalent, which is very colourful and vitrifies at a low temperature, meaning less energy is used in its production.

Alongside tiles, the new range also included a limited run of Encaustic Bowls, produced using the same distinctive encaustic clay body.


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