Granby Workshop makes experimental, handmade products for homes. It was set up in 2015,  growing out of the community-led rebuilding of a Liverpool neighbourhood, following years of dereliction and institutional neglect.


The demolition of all but four of Granby’s streets of Victorian terraces during decades of ‘regeneration’ initiatives saw a once thriving community scattered, and left the remaining "Granby Four Streets" sparsely populated and filled with tinned up houses. The resourceful, creative actions of a group of residents were fundamental to finally bringing these streets out of dereliction and back into use. Over two decades they cleared, planted, painted, and campaigned in order to reclaim their streets. In 2011 they entered into an innovative form of community land ownership, the Granby Four Streets Community Land Trust (CLT), and secured 10 empty houses for renovation as affordable homes.


As new occupants finally moved into freshly renovated terraces that had been empty for thirty years, Assemble set up Granby Workshop as a means of continuing to support and encourage the kind of hands on activity that has brought about immense change in the area.


The Workshop sells a range of products that are Made in Granby at our current premises on 35 Cairns Street by a collective of local people using experimental manufacturing processes. Our first range of products was a set of handmade features, designed for refurbished homes in Granby to replace elements that were stripped out of the houses as they were boarded up by the council. Mantelpieces cast using brick and rubble construction waste, ceramic door handles smoke-fired in sawdust filled barbeques and tiles decorated with colorful hand cut decals have already been installed in the CLT houses. These designs formed the basis of our first edition of purchasable products, alongside new objects developed by the Workshop team and in collaboration with invited designers. 

All products are manufactured using processes which embrace chance, improvisation and resourcefulness. Each product purchased is unique. Profits from their sale feed straight back into the development of Workshop, and will also support a programme engaging young people in the area in creative and practical projects.

Granby Workshop forms the backbone of an ongoing set of projects in Granby which were awarded the Turner Prize in 2015.